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Fluval Lifestyle Series Tanks

Fluval Lifestyle Series Modern simplicity Fluval’s Lifestyle Series has perfectly merged design and technology in a stunning array of all glass aquariums that are perfectly suited for any home or office.  Fluval’s newest line allows even the most novice of aquarists to create incredible elegance with its simple and compact designs.  The Lifestyle Series uses [...]
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Freshwater vs Saltwater Aquarium

Which set-up is right for you? Saltwater Tank Envy We have all walked into an aquarium store and seen a beautiful reef tank with bright flowing corals and living creatures and had the thought, “how hard can it be?” The straight answer is, not very hard, BUT, and it's a big BUT, it does take [...]
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Fluval Aquarium Filter Guide

Aquarium Filtration Guide Good filtration is a fundamental building block to a healthy aquarium. Whether you have a basic freshwater tank or the most complex reef ecosystem good filtration is a must. A quality filter will protect your fish, invertebrates and your investment. Fluval has been designing and building quality fish tanks and filters for [...]
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Fresh Water Aquarium Care and Maintenance

Common problems and solutions Cleaning your aquarium regularly will insure a healthy happy environment for your fish and plants.  In a few short minutes every week you can have crystal clear water, and vibrant aquatic plants and fish for years.  Cleaning will also help protect the investment you have made and make viewing your creations [...]
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Top 5 Fluval Desktop Aquariums

Fluval aquariums are perfect for any office or home office not only for decoration, but for their wonderful calming effects.  There are great benefits from a tranquil aquarium in a stressful work environment.  Being able to watch fish gracefully swim in a beautiful aquarium significantly reduces stress and anxiety.  We have chosen our top five [...]
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Recommendations for the Beginner Fish Keeper

Key Points to Remember with a Beginner Aquarium: Start simple.   While you may ultimately become Jacque Cousteau of the home aquarium world, it’s important to know what you are getting into before spending thousands of dollars on a full underwater reef.   The great news is for just a small investment you can get […]

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