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Fluval Aquarium Heaters

A warm fish is a happy fish

Aquarium Heating Guide

Heating your aquarium is vital for a healthy aquarium.  Unlike mammals fish do not produce their own body heat and rely on their surroundings for temperature control.  Wide swings in temperature will have adverse affects on your tanks inhabitants quality of life.  Fluval has an amazing line of heaters to ensure your tank will always stay at a constant temperature for your fish or invertebrates.

Fluval M Series Submersible Aquarium Heaters

Most aquarium owners will opt for a submersible heater, as they are cost effective and durable.  Fluval has a very high quality line of submersible heaters with their M Series.


  • Fluval uses superior components in its construction of submersible heaters.
  • Very slim profile as to not distract from viewing in the tank.
  • Shock resistance glass, for exceptional durability
  • Super easy one touch adjustment temperature dial.


M Series Submersible Heating guidelines

Fluval M50 50 watts 0-15 gallons
Fluval M100 100 watts 15-30 gallons
Fluval M150 150 watts 30-45 gallons
Fluval M200 200 watts 45-65 gallons
Fluval M300 300 watts 65-85 gallons

Fluval E Series Submersible Heaters

As with most parts of life technology has made advances, aquarium keeping is no different.  Fluval E Series allows users incredible control and precision with its latest design.  The basic premise of delivering heat is the same but the level of control is a whole new level of perfection.


  • LCD temperature display to indicate water temperature in real time.
  • Heater LCD screen will change color is there is a change of 2 degrees alerting user to potential risk.
  • Precision like never before allowing incremental changes of .5 degrees.
  • Protective housing around heating elements to protect your fish and invertebrates from inadvertent contact.


E Series Submersible Heating guidelines

Fluval E50 50 watts 0-15 gallons
Fluval E100 100 watts 15-30 gallons
Fluval E200 200 watts 30-65 gallons
Fluval E300 300 watts 65-100 gallons

*on tanks of larger sizes multiple heaters can be used together.

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