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Fluval Lifestyle Series Tanks

Fluval Lifestyle Series

Modern simplicity

Fluval’s Lifestyle Series has perfectly merged design and technology in a stunning array of all glass aquariums that are perfectly suited for any home or office.  Fluval’s newest line allows even the most novice of aquarists to create incredible elegance with its simple and compact designs.  The Lifestyle Series uses superior built-in modern filtration to keep aquarium maintenance to a minimum allowing the user weeks of crystal clear viewing.  Fluval’s Lifestyle Series offers four all glass fully integrated solutions ranging from 2.0 gallons to 25 gallons perfect for any space in the home.

Fluval Spec


Fluval Spec is the smallest of the Lifestyle Series with three different sizes starting at 2.0 gallons and topping out at 5 gallons.  Aquarists have a choice between gloss black trim and gloss white trim, both colors have a very stylish contemporary feel.  


While the Fluval Spec is small it does not mean it is not mighty.  The clarity Fluval has been able to achieve from its three stage built in filter is nothing short of spectacular.  Fluval uses its patented three stage filter which integrates mechanical and biological filtration in a perfectly concealed overflow box.  Fluval has clearly thought of everything when it comes to maintenance by even placing a simple removal handle on the first stage foam mechanical filter block which traps any large debris.  Users simply discard the foam filter as needed and replace with a brand new filter ensuring weeks more of crystal clear viewing. The second stage filtration is carbon which removes and odors or discoloration from water, and absorbs any impurities in the water.  Fluval recommends changing both the first and second stage with regular monthly maintenance.  The final and most impressive filtration for a tank of this size is the Fluval Biomax Filter which is small ceramic rings which create a complete pore system for help beneficial bacteria grow. Beneficial bacteria is critical in metabolizing ammonia and nitrate which is a byproduct of the fish.  Fluval recommends changing the biomax rings 4 times a year.  The result the user is left with from this compact but powerful design is a low maintance crystal clear aquarium, for a nominal amount fish can remain happy and healthy for years to come.


Lastly, Fluval’s Spec Aquarium would not be complete without the brilliant integrated LED light which has been mounted to the top of the tank.  Fluval has integrated a low voltage, yet powerful (7500k high luminosity LEDs) which is perfect for all types of aquatic life, both living plants and fish.  The smaller 2.6 gal SPEC only has a daytime function, however one awesome added feature of the 5 gallon SPEC is the Deep blue Night Light setting which creates a stunning ambiance for night viewing.


Fluval Lifestyle series SPEC, while small in stature it’s big on design and technology.  Compact style for fish and plants which will brighten up any home or office desktop.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Black

Fluval Chi


Fluval Chi is the second in the Fluval Lifestyle Series and could possibly be the most elegant small all glass aquarium ever designed.  With perfect viewing from all sides the Fluval Chi is an incredibly versatile table top aquarium allowing the user a wide range of design options from a simple goldfish tank to a tranquil feng shui center piece.  The Fluval Chi comes in two sizes, a 5 gallon and a 6.6 gallon.  


Fluval Chi filtration unit fits perfectly with the design of the aquarium.  Simplicity meets a simple filter design.  Water is drawn up out of the tank from the cube that rests on top of the aquarium and is passed through various layers of Fluvals patented Chi filter.  To maintain the aquarium simply remove the used filter once a month and replace it with a new filter.  While the Chi does not have the same three stage process the SPEC has its cube filter still provides excellent water quality for all types of aquatic plants and fish.  


Fluval Chi lighting is integrated directly into the filtration cube, which further adds to the beautiful simplicity of this aquarium.  The smaller model 1 has 11 powerful LED lights which provide brilliant low cost lighting all day for your aquarium.  The slightly larger model 2 has 17 LED lights and one permanent uplight to illuminate anything users might want to place on top of the filtration box, like smooth rocks or any other decorative piece.  


Fluval Chi has a unique option that many users find adds beauty to the aquarium.  Users have the option of placing stones or other decorative pieces that allows water to freely flow over them creating a trickling water sound.


Fluval Chi aquarium is a unique blend of beauty and tranquility that rarely comes in such a well made all glass aquarium.  Fluval has gone to great lengths to blend low maintenance with artistic simplicity which would make any owner proud to showcase this aquarium.

Fluval Edge

Size : 2 year limited warranty…(Edge has a 2 year all the rest have a 1 year limited warranty)

Third in Fluval’s Lifestyle series is the Fluval Edge.  Fluval Edge is simply beautiful.  Fluval Edge feels like a giant leap forward in aquarium design, and functionality.  The Edge comes in two models, a 6 gallon and a 12 gallon.  The smaller 6 gallon comes in black, white and pewter colors while the larger 12 gallon Edge comes in black or white. All colors have a wonderful modern feel and blend perfectly with the seemingly suspended all glass aquarium.  The construction of the Edge all glass aquarium is meticulously designed to create a wonderful effect that is not found in any other standard aquarium. The Edge design creates a unique six sided viewing experience and creates the wonderful effect of a suspended aquarium.


Like the Spec the Edge has a powerful three step filtration process. Blending both mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration in a simple integrated design.  Stage one mechanical filter is a large block of foam to collect any debris from the tank.  Stage 2 is a carbon packet that reduces and odor and absorbs impurities and toxins from the water, and lastly stage three is the patented Biomax filter, small ceramic rings which create a complete pore system for help beneficial bacteria grow. Beneficial bacteria is critical in metabolizing ammonia and nitrate which is a byproduct of the fish.  Fluval recommends changing the biomax rings 4 times a year.  These three combined create superior water quality that will keep fish and plants healthy for years to come.  Fluval has really done an excellent job in making aquarium maintenance nightmares a thing of the past, with monthly replacement of stages one and two keeping a crystal clear healthy environment has never been easier.


All Fluval Edge aquariums come with a power yet safe low voltage 21 High output LED light which has been seamlessly built into the design.  The LED’s are suitable for all types of aquatic life both plants and fish alike.  The light creates a wonderfully bright viewing experience with 7600k high luminosity LEDs.  Our favorite feature on all edge models is the night light which changes to a blue hue light to create a great night effect perfect for viewing your aquatic creations in the dark.

Saltwater conversion

While all aquariums can be converted into salt water tanks, some are easier than others.  The Fluval edge makes it possible for the user to create a wonderful Nano Reef or basic saltwater conversion with a few simple alteration.  While we only recommend this for a more advanced aquarist as it is small and requires more constant monitoring of conditions the design of the Edge does allow for this option.


The Fluval Edge is a terrific tank for all levels of enthusiast, from the simple fresh water to the more complex Nano reef environment.  The Edge experience is sure to bring all owners years of pleasure.  Rarely have we found a better integrated solution with incredible flexibility.

Fluval Edge Aquarium Black

Fluval Accent   


Fluval Accent is the largest in the Fluval Lifestyle Series and with the increase in size also comes increase in maintenance.  The Fluval Accent is a fully integrated 25 gallon aquarium with lights, filters and maintenance drainage valve.  This drainage valve is what truly makes the Accent the easiest of all Fluval aquariums to maintain.  While it lacks the overall aesthetics of the previous three it makes of for that with ease of use.  None of the Fluval Lifestyle aquariums are difficult to maintain, the Accent takes the maintenance ease to a whole new level.  It comes in a standard rectangular design and is highly recommended to buy the accompanying cabinet, as it allows the Simpletec water drainage system to be utilized to its maximum capacity.


Like all the Fluval Lifestyle aquariums the Fluval Accent has an integrated filter system.  The Accent has a quick change filter cartridge for mechanical and chemical filtration, it also has the Fluval Biomax biological ceramic beads to cultivate healthy bacteria and keep the tanks inhabitants feeling good. Once a month the owner drains a portion of the tank from the Simpletec valve system and replaces the Fluval Accent quick change filters (stages 1 and 2).  Treats the newly added water and with minor maintenance cleaning the aquarium is set for another month of crystal clear enjoyment.  It really could not be easier than Fluval has made it with the Accent Simpletec System, it even comes with a bucket to collect the water!

Fluval Accent is the only Lifestyle Series aquarium to come with a heater built into the decorative filter cover.  The aquarium heater comes pre-set and has been beautifully designed to be completely hidden from view.  The heater does come pre-set and can not be adjusted, some users may not like this feature.  


Fluval Accent lighting has a more traditional feel.  The LED light strip is neatly tucked into the hood of the Accent.  Like the other Fluval Lifestyle aquariums the Accent’s LED lighting has both a day and night mode.  The night mode produces a dramatic effect in low light environments and gives the user a completely different experience.


Fluval Accent is perfect for the owner who just wants simplicity and beauty, without the hassle of difficult maintenance  In as little as 10 min a month, and a nominal fee to replace filter cartridges, the Accent is the perfect choice for any office or home.  

Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium

Fluval View Oval Aquarium is a great low cost aquarium for those who want the elegance of an aquarium without the cost. At less than $50 any home office would be enhanced with this curved centerpiece. Like all Fluval desktop choices Fluval Oval comes with a fully integrated filtration and lighting. Simple monthly maintenance will provide crystal clear water and near silent enjoyment. The Oval comes with a powerful LED lighting system that has three positions for bright white in the daytime to soft blue in the evening. At only 7.6 lbs it’s easy to move to any location in your home office.

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