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Recommendations for the Beginner Fish Keeper

Key Points to Remember with a Beginner Aquarium:

Start simple.  

While you may ultimately become Jacque Cousteau of the home aquarium world, it’s important to know what you are getting into before spending thousands of dollars on a full underwater reef.  

The great news is for just a small investment you can get started in no time.

Go freshwater.

Freshwater aquariums are easy to set-up and maintain.  Saltwater fish are beautiful, but the water systems are a bit more tricky to keep in balance for a beginner.

Buy a complete kit.

Buy a fully integrated aquarium fish tank that has all the components included: Tank, filter, pump, lights, hood, water treatment.  No need to reinvent the wheel here.

Location and Size.

Lastly, figure out the aquarium location and what size tank will fit your space.


Beginner Tank Suggestions:

    1. The Lifestyle series is incredibly elegant, quiet, and low maintenance.  These tanks offer the perfect place for beginners to learn if fish keeping is right for them.  
    2. They range in size from 2 gallons to 25 gallons. (about the size of a desktop printer)
    1. For those beginners that want to dive right into the saltwater this is an excellent fully integrated solution with everything you need to be successful.
    2. We would recommend starting with a Fish only tank, and then working into Fish with live rock, and then as you grow in comfort and understanding a full blown reef.

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